We’ve settled! Now to get to contract stage…

So we settled on the land yesterday! After 10 long months we can finally say we actually own the land, yay! But now the hard work starts!

Hubby met with the builder during the week as we try to work towards our final building contract. While we don’t have to make complete final decisions, we do need to have a pretty certain idea of what style we want, so the different trades can quote on it. Hubby has a strong opinion on details such as windows, window frames, skirting boards and cornice, so I’m happy to leave him to make those decisions. But I have the strong opinion when it comes to the kitchen and bathrooms – these are actually my most favourite areas to work on, as there are so many elements to come together. And so the sketching begins!


Yes, yes, I am by  no means an artist! But at least hubby understands my rough sketches and can do something with it (the toilet looks weird, but it is very specific – I only like completely flat backs that can go against the wall!).

But anyway, I digress. So now we’re at the stage of working out what cabinet style we want, so the cabinet maker can quote on it. What tiles we might want, so the tiler can quote on it. What shower, bath, toilet and vanity we want, so the builder can quote on it. Lots and lots of quotes!! So hubby and I have been trawling through our inspiration pictures and Pinterest, picking out our number 1 pictures that give a strong indicator of the style we want. Here’s a snapshot of our ensuite, laundry and kitchen inspiration (in order).




Once we’ve put together the more detailed photos and requests, the builder thinks we should be at a point to sign a contract in the next two weeks, which is so exciting! Here’s hoping it all goes to plan!

Have a good weekend!


Could you live as a family of 6 in an RV? This family does!

Morning all! Yes, you read that header right – can you imagine in today’s world of bigger is better, living in an RV as a family of 6!?

I was reading an article in Country Living this morning about the Harger family who packed up their life in Orlando, Florida to volunteer in rural South Africa. Part of the big move included downsizing to a 28 square metre RV. This blew me away, as we live in a society that usually is about getting more space because we’ve got so much stuff. But this family have done just the opposite, and it’s incredible the amount of stuff they manage to store inside their home – including specialist equipment for one of their children who has a serious medical condition.

The mum, Heather Harger runs a blog called No Muck, and here’s a video tour she conducted of their RV. Check it out!!

I must say… guilty as charged, I’m still glad we’re building a 450 square metre home!

Have a good day everyone, it’s our settlement day tomorrow, woo hoo!