We’re at Council!

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted because quite honestly, it seems like NOTHING has been happening the last few months!

Since October 2016, it’s taken 3 months of back and forward with our builder and the developer to get our developer approval. However, we finally got the stamp of approval a few weeks ago and it was suddenly all systems go! As soon as we had that stamp, it was off to the engineers to do our engineered drawings of the footings and make sure we had a good enough plan in place for the slab. Unfortunately the engineer wanted to upgrade quite a few things, which meant an increase in costs again – but at least it wasn’t the $30k we were expecting and only came out at $6k.

So then it was off to Gold Coast City Council for approval. We’ve heard differing stories as to how long this part can take, but we’re hopeful for a quick turnaround. Our plans went in on Monday 13 February, and we actually heard back from them on Thursday 16 February – can you believe it! Unfortunately it was a rejection because, long story short, our waste water plan didn’t match up with the developers initial DA plan. After consulting with our waste water engineer, he had advised that the developers initial plan was no where near adequate and so we went ahead with our own plans. Council don’t take into consideration the waste water engineers report for some reason, and just saw that it didn’t match up with the initial DA plan and rejected our plans. Fortunately, hubby has been in touch with what seems like a million different people and we’ve found out that a DA amendment has been applied for and will be effective as of Wednesday. This means we don’t have to change anything and our plans will be allowed, we just have to wait for this DA amendment to go through and then reapply. All an unnecessary delay, but hopefully it’s an indication of a quick turnaround and we might have approval in a week.

Once that approval comes through, it’s building time! As per our contract, our site cut will take place within 10 business days of Council Approval, so I like to think that we are only a matter of weeks from commencement! It’s been nearly a year and a half since we paid our deposit, so we are pretty damn excited right now. I thought I’d leave you with some photos of the recent changes in our estate – there are at least 4 houses under construction in our stage and some are nearly ready for the owners to move in, so there is lots happening!

I’ll start posting more regularly now, there are lots of meetings, choices and finalising of plans happening and lots to update on!




One thought on “We’re at Council!

  1. Hi
    We met at one of the meet and greats and I found your page googling montego hills blogs. We also have an issue with the hstp. We have had to pay for a relaxation which may take a while if it gets approved at all. You are lucky that yours is being amended! I hope ours gets approved! Please keep us up to date with whats happening with your build. Our plans went to council on about 21 Jan and still waiting.


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