Could you live as a family of 6 in an RV? This family does!

Morning all! Yes, you read that header right – can you imagine in today’s world of bigger is better, living in an RV as a family of 6!?

I was reading an article in Country Living this morning about the Harger family who packed up their life in Orlando, Florida to volunteer in rural South Africa. Part of the big move included downsizing to a 28 square metre RV. This blew me away, as we live in a society that usually is about getting more space because we’ve got so much stuff. But this family have done just the opposite, and it’s incredible the amount of stuff they manage to store inside their home – including specialist equipment for one of their children who has a serious medical condition.

The mum, Heather Harger runs a blog called No Muck, and here’s a video tour she conducted of their RV. Check it out!!

I must say… guilty as charged, I’m still glad we’re building a 450 square metre home!

Have a good day everyone, it’s our settlement day tomorrow, woo hoo!



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