The Winter bucket list

The winter bucket list

It’s that time of the year again, when Brisbane descends into darkness and we drag out our thermals in preparation for sub-arctic temperatures. I swear, I’m not exaggerating. Yes, yes, it might get colder in some of the southern states, but hear me out. For 11 months of the year, we Brisbanites are accustomed to balmy days ranging from 25 to 35 degrees. So for 1 month when we drop to 15 to 20 degree days, we may as well be below zero.

This year, I’m making the most of the month of cold weather and have put together a mini-bucket list! There are so many great things on in Brisbane, and there are a few things that are better suited to the cold weather that I’m so excited to get into.

  1. Watch an ice-hockey game. The USA v Canada Ice Hockey Classic visited Brisbane last year and I so wanted to go but it just didn’t work out. This year they’re back and I got my hand on some free tickets so hubby and I are off to check it out!
  2. Visit Winter festival. Every year King George Square is transformed into a winter wonderland with ice-skating, mulled wine and snowfall! I don’t know if I’ll make it to the skating, but I think I can make time for a little visit during my lunchbreak one day.
  3. Read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Snuggling inside on a cold or rainy day with a book is a favourite pastime. I love the TV show Outlander and have heard that the books are even better, so this is the next book on my list. Plus, I don’t know how long I can wait to find out what else is going to happen in the TV shows!
  4. Drink hot chocolate. One of my favourite things last year was visiting some of the new chocolate cafes that were opening, and I can’t wait to do that again this year! Italian hot chocolate, cold hot chocolate, chocolate fondue – there are so many great options to try.
  5. Visit the beach on a crisp, cold but sunny day. There’s something about visiting the beach rugged up in a jumper that I love. I don’t want to become a hermit this winter, so a walk along a beach sounds perfect.
  6. Get the garden summer ready. Boring, I know, but we’re starting to think about selling our house and that means the house needs dressing!
  7. Visit somewhere that actually is cold. We’ve got a trip to Melbourne booked, which we often do during the winter. This reminds me that Brisbane is definitely not that cold, and we really do live in a great place!

I’d love to hear your winter bucket lists – how do you make the best of the cold months?



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