Pineapples: A symbol of the South


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While many a stylist has said the end of the Pineapple is near, I have to disagree. Yes, it has had a popular run as a pop item and sprung up every where, but it wasn’t until we spent time in the South recently that I actually understood the symbolism behind the Pineapple.

Placing a pineapple at the entrance of a home is a way of demonstrating hospitality and welcome. Traditionally, American sailors would place the pineapple outside of their door to show that they had safely returned. In Charleston, South Carolina, the woman hung the pineapple from the door to show that her husband had returned. You may recall the picture of the Pineapple fountain that we took during our time in Charleston.

As a result, I’ve been drawn to more and more Pineapple objects! Here are just a few that I like for every day, although I do have my eye on a beautiful pineapple sconce light for the front of our new house… might need to reconsider the budget though!


2 thoughts on “Pineapples: A symbol of the South

    • How great! I hope to visit Hawaii next year and will definitely be looking to add to my pineapple collection! It’s an interesting tale of the pineapple isn’t it, I was none the wiser until our time in Charleston.

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