Project Build: In the beginning

As many of you will know, hubby and I purchased our first home 6 years ago. In that time we got engaged, got married, have travelled to Europe and been on many a cruise. At the same time, we’ve slowly but surely been carefully renovating every part of our house. It wasn’t a small project that we took on, but we knew we could do it if we had the patience and stamina. I won’t lie, it’s tested our relationship some times, but what’s that saying – if you can survive a renovation, you can survive anything?? We can survive anything! We’re nearly finished now and in the end we will have completely gutted and rebuilt our living, dining and kitchen area, terraced our front yard including a new retaining wall and garden beds, redone our entertaining area and decked our pool, gutted and re-did our main bathroom, master bedroom and ensuite, and refurbished the remaining bedrooms with new carpets, paint jobs and replaced the lovely amber glass windows with modern ones. It’s been a big job but the results have been very satisfying.

Along the way, we’ve often been asked “what are you going to do when you finish?”. We’ve always said we would sell and many people didn’t believe us, after we’ve put so much hard work into this house, and it does look beautiful now. The truth is, we never had any intentions of this being our “forever home”. This was pure and simple a business decision. Buy what we could afford to enter the market, renovate as much as we could without paying others to do it, sell for a great profit and move on. The move on part was what we weren’t sure about. Do we renovate again? Do we build? Where do we want to live? Near the city, or the country? We both agreed that if we decided to renovate again, we would be doing it to stay put and we would probably pay people to do it for us now. Hubby’s job has improved greatly since we began this journey and now our time is worth more than what we can pay someone else.

One day, I was scrolling through my alerts (like any savvy home buyer, I have a number of these set up to come through daily!) and I happened across some land that grabbed my attention. I flicked it to hubby and we decided to go and have a look at it. At this stage we were leaning more towards building, but land is expensive and we weren’t sure we could get it in an area we liked, so we were still seriously considering a major renovation. When we saw the land, we fell in love. It was perfect, exactly what we were looking for, and crazily enough, within our price range. Suddenly, it was on. Meeting with our mortgage broker, figuring out what we had left to do on this house, how we would finance a build, what kind of house we would build, how much it would cost us, time frames…. the list was endless. We did all of this in about a week, and decided to go for it. We found the block that was the smartest buy (we buy with our heads, definitely not our hearts) and rung the agent to put our deposit down. And it was sold. Yep, it sold 5 hours earlier. I was gutted. Mentally it had been a huge week and I had finally come to terms with what our financial position was, the fact that we would be moving (increasing my work commute by 20 minutes each way) and what it meant for the next year as we built. I was exhausted and gave up.

During the week, hubby couldn’t let go of it. He kept looking at the maps, studying the contours and trying to find us another block that suited our needs. On Friday morning he told me he wanted to go and have a look at another block. I was over it, and told him he could do what he liked and what he needed. If he thought it was good, I was happy for him to buy it. So off he went, taking his dad to have a look while I was at work. I got a phone call a couple of hours later telling me I was the proud owner of a block of land!

And so there we have it. The beginning of our Project: Build. Settlement isn’t until around May 2016 so we’ve got plenty of time to tie up lose ends at our current house and prepare for the building process. Then we’ll be selling up, renting somewhere short term and building our forever home. I’ll be documenting the process along the way, so I hope you’ll enjoy coming on this ride with me! In the meantime, here are some pictures of our land. There are a fair bit of earthworks to happen before May, which will mean that it is significantly levelled out, particularly at the front of the block, but we are happy with this and that is one of the reasons we bought the block.

Til next time, check out the pictures below of our purchase!!

L xxx



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