A country weekend

Happy Monday ya’ll! After a weekend away, I’m feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to take on this week. I’ve also got a pretty good Friday – Sunday coming up that is the light at the end of this week.

I thought I would share some pictures of my weekend away, mainly of the beautiful countryside where we stayed. We are very lucky that my in-laws live in South Gippsland and have just enough land for a horse and two cows – the perfect mini farm surrounded by other huge farms. The rolling hills that you can see from every window are enough to take away any stresses of the modern world. Visiting in Autumn/Winter is also a beautiful time of the year, when all the leaves change colour and the flowers that thrive in cold weather pop up.

We were actually in Victoria for hubby’s Grandad’s 80th birthday party. Nan organised a surprise party, which we all did pretty well at keeping the secret. Although as soon as Grandad arrived, he noticed a few familiar cars in the carpark and figured we were on to something – his arrival certainly made up for the lack of surprise though, and he was surprised to see a few visitors from interstate (us included).

Oh, and one other thing that made this weekend so great – I won the meat tray at the local pub!! Some girls were selling raffle tickets to raise money for their local club and sure enough, they came up later in the evening to tell me I had won first prize. I can’t say I’ve ever won a meat tray before, and we all had a little giggle when I received my meat tray. It did make a good fry up for breakfast the next morning though – sausages and beans!! So a perfect mini-break all round! Hope you enjoy some of the pics of our little getaway.

xxx L







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