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Well today was a big day for my family as my baby sister finally fled the nest! After raising three children, my parents now have the house to themselves for the first time in 27 years!! We spent the morning helping my sister move which went surprisingly well given she is now in a first floor apartment and the only way in is up two flights of stairs. Let’s just say the muscles got a real workout hauling a couch, dining table, chest of drawers and desk up there. Thank goodness the fridge and bed was delivered! I think one of the most exciting parts of moving out of home was having a space to call my own, and decorate how I pleased. Over the past 5 years I’ve definitely seen my style change and mature and I’ve got a real feel for what I do and don’t like now. While in the early days I bought most of my stuff from IKEA (and still do get a bit there actually!), I have refined my tastes and know a few more shops to visit and pick up key pieces to personalise my space and not have it looking like an IKEA showroom.

As we’re finishing up our renovations, I’m getting really excited about making those final purchases for finishing touches. A side table here, a stool there, a rug over here. I thought I’d share with you what I’m currently coveting to finish off my home!

Coveting for my house1: Mr & Mrs cushions for the master bedroom ($23)  2: Alice in Wonderland story print for the study ($46)  3: Kerrie Hess print for my dressing table ($275)  4: Voyager double wall candle for the bathroom ($17)  5: Sprout coat rack for my entry ($119)  6: Walnut Triangle candelabra for the dining table ($80)




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